Course Type: Supervising & Management

This Pathway introduces you to the 7 levels of delegation, allowing you to master the art of delegation and assign tasks effectively to the right person in the right way.  This pathway consists of 8 micro-courses.  

This pathway covers ensuring impactful one-on-one staff meetings with a strategy for effective conclusions and actionable outcomes, understanding the essentials of the performance management process to achieve high team performance, simplifying the process of addressing poor performance through the AUCCC model, and learning the next steps to address a poor performer on your team.  This […]

This pathway guides you in effectively and appropriately addressing consistent lateness in team members and introduces a model that empowers them to achieve performance-enhancing goals, while also teaching you how to analyze and address performance issues in employees that may impact department morale.  This pathway consists of 6 micro-courses.

This pathway delves into the essential aspects of effective management, emphasizing the importance of delegation, and provides guidance on 7 methods for appropriate delegation, determining task delegation criteria, practical delegation planning using a framework, and applying the BALM method to assign tasks to individuals with suitable skills.  This pathway consists of 7 micro-courses.  

This pathway explores techniques to further develop and coach high-performing individuals, including delivering effective feedback and enhancing coaching skills through the art of asking effective questions, with insightful examples for formulating constructive questions in coaching.  This pathway consists of 10 micro-courses  

This pathway explores how to manage change effectively. Learn three approaches to navigate transitions smoothly, secure staff buy-in, and guide people through change successfully.  This pathway consists of 10 micro-courses.    

This pathway teaches shy and introverted individuals to harness assertiveness, confidently interact with superiors, enhance leadership traits, master the art of declining gracefully, and apply various assertion techniques effectively.  This pathway consists of 7 micro-courses

Learn task prioritization, boost time management with brain balance, master change planning, gain project oversight, become more effective with seven key insights, and improve emotional intelligence and self-motivation. This pathways consists of 7 micro-courses.

Explore leadership vs. management, understand your roles, grasp six managerial styles and their team impact, foster workplace trust, and excel in goal achievement through team motivation and development. This pathway consists of 5 micro-courses.

This pathway covers five managerial styles, Dan Pink’s motivation elements, McGregor’s motivation types, motivators and needs, effective role modelling, and leadership consistency. This pathway consists of 6 micro-courses.