Course Type: Oral Communication

This pathway delves into understanding diverse buyer types and their unique needs, covering the Activist, Reflector, Theorist, and Pragmatist styles and providing effective sales strategies and engagement insights tailored to each.  This pathway consists of 8 micro-courses.  

This pathway covers acquiring telephone customer service skills, managing challenging customers and personalities, crafting meaningful questions for insights, and conducting effective investigations for resolution through the provided course.  This pathway consists of 13 micro-courses.  

This pathway encompasses a course with three tips to conquer presentation fears, another course providing four tips to elevate presentation visual appeal, and a course specifically designed to help you overcome presentation nerves, acknowledging that public speaking can be nerve-wracking for many.  This pathway consists of 7 micro-courses.  

This pathway explores strategies for effectively managing disruptive individuals in meetings, maintaining focus and steering meetings back on track, ensuring purposeful and productive meetings, and employing the MAGIC acronym as a model for successful meeting management.  This pathway consists of 7 micro-courses.

This Pathway covers the acquisition of skills and techniques necessary for delivering exceptional face-to-face customer service and managing challenging customers and diverse personality types effectively in such settings.  This pathway consists of 9 micro-courses.  

This pathway teaches shy and introverted individuals to harness assertiveness, confidently interact with superiors, enhance leadership traits, master the art of declining gracefully, and apply various assertion techniques effectively.  This pathway consists of 7 micro-courses

Explore powerful NLP techniques such as using matching or mismatching information, understanding decision-making and persuasion, while also diving into diverse communication styles and the advantages of difficult conversations. This pathways consists of 7 micro-courses.

Learn how to resolve conflicts at work effectively and retain good relationship at the same time. This pathway consists of 2 micro-courses.

Master conflict resolution, eliminate blame culture, and enhance workplace relationships with Thomas-Kilmann’s five-way conflict resolution model. This pathway consists of 6 micro-courses.

Enhance your customer service by developing excellent listening and questioning skills. This pathway consists of 4 micro-courses.