Course Type: Personal Wellness

Explore the Holmes-Rahe Evaluator to gauge your stress levels accurately, and apply this knowledge to effectively manage stress and improve your well-being in everyday situations. This pathways consists of 2 micro-courses.

This pathway equips you with best strategies to nurture and improve your wellbeing. This pathways consists of 3 micro-courses.

Empower yourself with practical skills in this course, enabling you to navigate challenges wisely, cultivate resilience, and transform stress into opportunities for growth. This pathway consists of 4 micro-courses.

Discover stress triggers, develop coping strategies, and nurture a positive, healthy mindset. This way consists of 4 micro-courses.

In this era of unparalleled pressure and stress, it’s imperative to prioritize our mental health and well-being while simultaneously cultivating resilience to navigate the demands of work and daily life with grace. This pathway consists of 6 micro-courses.